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Collar Guards - Bend Restrictors

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MOCAP is a manufacturer, therefore many of the customized items we offer are only available in larger industrial-sized quantities and typically have a 500-5000 piece minimum order quantity. The drop-down list on this page will show which quantities are offered.

If an item is stocked, we usually offer it in smaller "minipack" or "micropack" quantities. But, MOCAP does not stock every diameter/length/color that we can produce. If a particular custom item you are looking for is only offered in a larger quantity than what is required, try searching our site for a comparable stock item in a different color, or look for similarly-sized stock items that may also work for your application.
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MOCAP's minimum order for stocked, ready-to-ship items is an all new, industry low of just One Micro-Pack. The quantity of pieces per Micro-Pack varies with the size of the item, but is typically between 10 and 100 pieces.

The minimum quantity for made-to-order items depend on the manufacturing process and materials involved, but is typically 1,000 pieces.

For larger quantities, please contact us for a custom quote.


MOCAP Vinyl Plastic Hose Collar Guards are flexible but tough reinforcement bend restrictors designed for water, hydraulic and pressure washer hoses. These tough bend restrictors prevent damage to consumer and industrial hoses extending the life of the hose. Easy to install hose bend restrictors feature a tapered design that simplifies installation and provides a secure fit. The inside lip of the hose bend restrictor attaches to the coupling, locking the restrictor in place.

Collar Guard Bend Restrictors can be imprinted and customized for your product.

For more information, see our VCG Series page.

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Wall thickness is measured approx. ¼” (6.35mm) from open end. Wall thickness increases slightly towards the closed end of the part
Micropacks are only available for purchase through our online store.

Product Line: VCG
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