Tapered Cap Plug - OD 12.790-13.140"(324.9-333.8mm), ID 12.658-12.923"(321.5-328.2mm), Flange OD 13.640"(346.5mm) - Red LDPE

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Tapered Plastic Hole Plugs
Tapered Plastic Plug Caps

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MOCAP Tapered Polyethylene Plastic Plug Caps are inexpensive dual function closures which can be used as either a plug or a cap. These tapered polyethylene plug caps are made from tough but flexible polyethylene to form a secure fit, yet easily removed.For more information, see our T Series page.

Plug To use as a PLUG:
Select a PLUG with a “B” dimension at least .020” (0.5mm) larger than the diameter to be plugged (increase 1% or more for large diameters)
Cap To use as a CAP:
Select a CAP with a “C” dimension at least .020” (.5 mm) smaller than the diameter to be capped (increase 1% or more for large diameters)

Micropacks are only available for purchase through our online store.

Product Line: TPR
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