Silicone Tubing

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Flexible Silicone Rubber Tubing
Silicone Rubber Tubing

SRT – Media

Silicone Tubing Silicone Tube Silicone Rubber Hose Silicone Rubber Tubing for Product Masking Silicone Tubing Flexible Silicone  Rubber Tubing Flexible Rubber Tubes Rubber Tubing - Silicone

MOCAP Silicone Rubber Tubing is extruded from a specially formulated silicone with a hardness rating of 60 Shore A and heat stabilized to ensure re-use at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). MOCAP Silicone Rubber Tubing is non-staining and is commonly used for masking studs, pins and other round objects that require a longer length than our standard length silicone caps.

For more information, see our SRT Series page.

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Product Line: SRT
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