Flush Sheet Metal Plug - To Fit: .460" - .482" (11.68 - 12.24mm) - Metal Thickness: .03"- .08" (.8 - 2.0mm) - Black LDPE

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Rubber Plugs For Holes In Metal
Sheet Metal Hole Plugs Flush


Flush Sheet Metal Plugs Flush Sheet Metal Plug for Holes Sheet Metal Blanking Plug (Metric or Standard) Metric Sheet Metal Panel Plugs Sheet Metal Hole Plugs for Finishing and Protection Rubber Plugs For Holes In Metal Snap-in Sheet Metal Caps (Metric or Standard, Flush) Finishing Plugs for Metric Sheet Metal Holes

Flush Sheet Metal Plugs (SMF)

MOCAP SMFM Series Polyethylene Sheet Metal Finishing Hole Plugs feature a flush head and are designed for metric hole sizes. Snap-in sheet metal hole plugs provide an attractive finish and a secure fit. MOCAP Polyethylene Plastic Flush Head Sheet Metal Hole Plugs are used to plug holes on appliances, automobiles, tanks or anywhere a finished look is needed. SMFM Series sheet metal plugs are available in sizes to fit 8mm to 22mm diameter holes.

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