Rectangular Tubing Plug - For 20 x 40mm Tubes - Tube Wall: 1.5 - 2mm - Angle 20.0° - Black LDPE

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Rectangular Boot Caps for Metal Tubes
Plugs for Rectangular Tubes


Plugs for Rectangular Tubes Patio Furniture Replacement parts Floor protector for Metal chair legs Table and Chair Glide Furniture Glides Rectangular Boot Caps for Metal Tubes End Stopper for Rectangular Tubing Rectangular Furniture Leg Plug Caps

Plugs for Rectangular Tubes (RC)

MOCAP RC Series heavy wall polyethylene plugs for Rectangular Tubing are designed to fit multiple tube gauges and provide a secure fit. Poly tube plugs are ideal for office and patio furniture, tubular racks, appliances, exercise equipment, or anywhere a finished look is needed. Tube plugs include multiple horizontal ribs designed with built-in flexibility for easy install and secure fit. RC Tubing Plugs are available in sizes to fit 20mm x 10mm to 150mm x 100mm metric rectangular tubes and 1/2 X 1" to 3" X 4" standard rectangular tubes.

Additional Information

Use External Dimension for Tubing Plugs Please make sure you measure the outside of your tube when referencing our sizing information. Also, note the "Tube Wall" specified for each plug to make sure it will be compatible with your particular tube.

Micropacks are only available for purchase through our online store.