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Polyethylene Push-in-Plugs
Push-in Plugs for SAE and NPT Threads

PIP – Media

Push-in Plugs for SAE and NPT Threads NPT and SAE Push-in Plug Plastic NTP Protection Cap Plastic SAE Protection Cap Push-in Plug for NPT or SAE Threads Polyethylene Push-in-Plugs Plastic Push-in-Plugs for SAE and NPT Threads Plastic Push-in Cork Caps - SAE and NPT Threads Push-in Plugs for NPT and SAE Threads Push-in Plugs for SAE and NPT Threads

MOCAP Push-In Plugs For SAE and NPT Threads are designed for easy push-in applications in both SAE and NPT threaded openings. While providing an attractive finishing look, the plugs will protect threads and fittings without the need to screw them in. Simply snap them into place.
For more information, see our PIP Series page.

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Product Line: PIP
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