Tapered Outside Pull Plug Caps - OD 0.802-0.911"(20.4-23.1mm), Flange OD 1.060"(26.9mm), LEN 0.630"(16mm) - Red LDPE

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SKU# OP.80/.91RD1
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Plastic External Pull Plugs
Outside Pull Tapered Plastic Plugs


Plastic Side Pull Plugs Outside Pull Tapered Plug Outside Pull Tapered Plastic Component Protection Plastic Plugs with Handle Pull Tab Plugs Plastic External Pull Plugs Removable Side-Pull Tab Plastic Plugs Plastic Outside Pull Plug Caps

Outside Pull Plugs (OP)

MOCAP Polyethylene Outside Pull Tapered Plastic Plugs are similar to our standard tapered plastic plug caps, but have an outside pull tab designed to facilitate removal. An extra strong tab is molded into the side of this plastic plug and extends well above the plug flange making it easy to grasp and remove.

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