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Silicone Hole Stopper
Silicone Rubber Pull Plugs


Silicone Pull Plugs Rubber Masking Plug Silicone Rubber Masking Plugs Silicone Pull Plugs Silicone Pull Plugs Silicone Hole Stopper Silicone Masking Plugs with Handle Masking Pull Plugs

Silicone Pull Plugs (MSPP)

MOCAP Silicone Rubber Pull Plugs are stocked in many sizes to fit your specific application. Silicone rubber product pull plugs are ideal for powder coating and E-coating operations because they resist high temperatures to 600°F(316°C). Also ideal for chrome plating. Reusable in many applications.

MOCAP's line of rubber products includes silicone and EPDM rubber plugs and caps stocked in many sizes for immediate shipment.

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Micropacks are only available for purchase through our online store.