Barrel Plug with Flange - For Threads: 1-7/8 - 12 Std, M50x4 METFINE Length 0.709" Natural LDPE

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Barrel Plugs with Flanges
Barrel Plugs with Flange

BPF – Media

Barrel Plugs with Flanges Barrel Plug with Flange General Purpose Plastic NPT Plug Flanged Barrel Plugs for NPT, Metric, and Standard Threads Barrel Style Flange Plugs Barrel Plugs with Flanges Plastic Barrel Plugs General Purpose Plugs Flanged Barrel Plugs Barrel Plugs with Flange

MOCAP Barrel Plugs with a Flange are general purpose plugs designed to fit many different non-threaded and threaded sizes and styles, allowing for maximum flexibility. Easy to apply and remove, their convex body holds them firmly in place.

For more information, see our BPF Series page.

Micropacks are only available for purchase through our online store.

Product Line: BPF
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